fauxhawks are teh funniest haircut in my referrrers

so, about twice a month i bother looking through my website stats, to see if there is anything new or exciting.

sometimes there is, sometimes there’s not.

i tend to gain about two unique visitors a day per month — i’m average 48 now.

the stats tell me location and IP address, so some of these visitors i have become familiar with, in the most generic sense of that term.

some of them i know who they are. (greetings al from ihets and andy from clarian 😉

i seem to have gained a bigger international following in the last few months — many more visits from europe, australia, asia and new zealand (and no, mom, not all the NZ visits are from wellington).

one thing that stays mysteriously the same is baffling to me:

there is a huge amount of visitors to this website who have searched google or yahoo for the term “fauxhawk”.

which is odd to me, since i have tried to replicate how they find my site from searching for “fauxhawk” and i give up after like page 15 of the results, without ever finding any links to flickerbulb.

so who is so effing hardcore about looking for fauxhawk sites that they are digging that deep?

it’s crazy i tell you! crazy!


if any of you fauxhawk people come across this post, i’d sure love to know what it is you’re looking for. it would be lovely if you’d comment and let me know.

if i can, i’ll try to provide more and better fauxhawk information for you, so your search is not in vain.


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3 thoughts on “fauxhawks are teh funniest haircut in my referrrers

  1. Using Google, your site was the 3rd that came up when I searched “fauxhawks.” I ran across the word on slate.com and while I THOUGHT I knew what it meant, I was looking for verification. Didn’t get ti so I’m off to wikipedia

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