The Demon Fish of South Atlanta

So what about evolution? We did have a fierce drought for a number of years. Maybe some of our local fish evolved the ability to locomote between pools in search of better pickins, like a Chinese lungfish. I’ve been known to do that when the beer runs out. Anybody seen any goldfish waiting at a crosswalk?

Maybe they really are demon fish, come up from hell to suck our eyeballs. But it seems like demon fish would have red eyes and sulfurous emanations bubbling from their tailpipes. That sometimes is an adequate description of the dogs, but not the fish. I don’t think that’s very likely.

Applying Sherlock’s razor, the only theory I am left with is that they are Space Fish, crossed
over from an alternate universe. I’m having a little trouble working out why they aren’t made out of angles and speak pidgin English like Bizarro Superman, but I think this is a soluble problem.

Boing Boing: The Demon Fish of South Atlanta

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1 thought on “The Demon Fish of South Atlanta

  1. They’re not “demonfish” in the least.
    I’ve have “pet” carp I’ve caught fishing slither out my pools and take off more than 200 meters across a wet damp hayfield at night or the early hours of the morning. I used to go out in the morning and gather/herd them, GITTY-UP MY COWFISH! If fish sense another source of waternearby, they’ll take advance of the damp and go for a walk.

    Taro, in Tokyo

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