shocking amount of caffeine in starbucks coffee

can it really be true that a 16 ounce cup of coffee from starbucks has 550 mg of caffeine???

caffeine ammounts in popular beverages

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  1. I would have to say that the list is bogus. Doing the math of 550/16 you get just under 35mg of caffeine per oz of coffee. So ounce for ounce, coffee has the same caffeine content of espresso??? I find that VERY hard to believe.

  2. well, actually…

    the darker coffee is, the hotter the water you use, and the faster you push it through the grounds.

    espresso is actually pressured through, while “regular” coffee is generally gravity fed.

    this provides for the very consistent shots in espresso (good more making drinks with) but low caffeine content compared to what you might think.

    but it bears out that they’d end up being about the same:

    16 oz of coffee @ 550 mg would be similar to 16 1 oz. shots of espresso.

    it’s still WAY more caffeine than i bet most people drinking “grande” realize they’re getting.

  3. I don’t know about all that. If that’s really the case then how is there a market for espresso at all, other than in drinks? I mean, do people really pay more for it just because of the taste? I think that the info from that link I post is more accurate. I think that coffee has about 1/2 the caffeine as compared to espresso.

  4. Oops…I forgot the last part. Yeah…regardless of which study is correct, your title of “Shocking amounts of caffeine…” is still 100% accurate. I guess I’m not surpried by the quantity because to be honest, 550mg means nothing to me. But to say that it has 10x the caffeine of a can of Mt Dew…WOW!!!

  5. as far as price goes, espresso beans are not any more expensive than any other coffee beans, per se.

    you pay for quality, region, and rareness with coffee.

    very-high-quality coffee, like kona or jamaica blue mountain, can be $40 a pound or more.

    starbucks (decidedly) average coffees are about $11 a pound, and that does include the espresso roast.

    espresso may seem more expensive because when you brew it, it makes tiny shots, instead of big cups.

    people pay for just espresso (i know i do) because the shots are very consistent, whereas different cups of coffee can vary wildly from pour to pour.

    espresso has a wonderful foamy layer, called “crema” which has amazing flavour & texture, in addition to being beautiful, when the shots are pulled well:

    espresso porn

  6. thought i’d chime in as an experienced field barista. here’s some info based on our knowledge and standards at Bongo Java Roasting Company:

    1 shot of espresso has roughly the caffeine equivalent of an 8 oz cup of coffee.

    The darker the coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it contains. Heat releases caffeine, so the long a green coffee bean is roasted, the more caffeine it loses. If your espresso is roasted dark, then one shot of it has less caffeine than an 8 oz cup of light roast.

    The difference in effect on the body is the same as drinking a shot of whiskey as opposed to a beer. Espresso, like whiskey gets into your system faster and starts to affect your body more quickly.

    People also pay more for espresso because it takes more beans to pull one ouce of espresso than it would to brew one ounce of coffee. This is because in order to brew espress you must have a fine grind on your beans and it take more beans ground finely to brew one ouce of espress than beans ground more coarsly to brew one ounce of coffee.

    i’m done now.

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