rock-afire explosion

i am sitting at my parents house, in mom’s office, and they’re going through what appears to be several thousand photographs.

mom estimates there are 10,000 and 10,000 slides here.


in any case, here is but one found just now, taken in “the late seventies or early eighties” at showbiz pizza (where a kid can be a kid).

showbiz had these amazing (frightening?) animatronic animals who played in a band, the “rock-afire explosion”.

this photo was taken, my best guess, at a birthday party, though mom says they took us there lots (which i do recall, actually).

showbiz was fun — they had what seemed like millions of arcade games and skeeball and pizza and wow!

they were eventually replaced by “chuck e. cheeze” which i refuse to go to, to this day.

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fatz geronimo

Fatz was the character with personality to spare. He was big, bold, and he let you know it. On numerous occasions he would tell the audience to shut up. But underneath the scary look and threatening demeanor, Fatz was just a big friendly guy. His home state was Louisiana, and that’s where his girlfriend Ezmerelda Jones was – although Fatz would never openly admit to having a girlfriend. The man who did the voice of Fatz went on to become a major radio voice in Orlando, Florida.

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2 thoughts on “rock-afire explosion

  1. I vote for scary rather than cute. It bothered me that they never closed their mouths.


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