moving to new zealand status update

i just got of the phone with the new zealand embassy in washington dc, and they have informed me that they will issue my visa as soon as i fax them copies of round-trip plane tix.


everything is starting to fall into place.

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4 thoughts on “moving to new zealand status update

  1. So, quick (and possibly dumb) question. Keep in mind that I haven’t talked to you in months, just read this marvelous blog to keep tabs on you. : ) Question is: if tix are round trip, how is that moving? When we speak of moving are we speaking of a defined amount of time living in New Zealand, then returning, or are we speaking of moving indefinitely? (And, by the way, I’m inexpressibly jealous… Indiana is pretty, but it’s got nothing on NZ!)

  2. good question — it is moving because i intend to live there full time, at some point.

    i *have* to have round trip tix to get into the country on a visitor’s visa: the govt wants proof that you can *leave*.

    i intend, while i am there, to apply for more permanent residence.

    this is a LONG process though.

    claire and i intend to be in NZ till april or so then come back here for the summer, and then back to NZ for…. ??

    eventually — ideally — i’d like to split our time between here and there, following the summer: our seasons are reversed since they’re in the southern hemisphere.

    it’s kind of like a dream world. 😀

  3. i feel the need to be honest, my heart jumped when i saw that you were not going to move and then be gone forever. i would miss you!

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