today i start my first shift at starbucks.



while it is nice, after almost a month of putting in applications, to finally be starting a job, it is daunting to be faced with the fact that for the first time in almost two years i will now have a schedule to stick to, work-wise.

i just entered my first weeks schedule into my calendar, and — as promised — i am working forty hours.

let’s see, at seven dollars an hour that’s…


the benefits, once they kick in (in 90 days) are fantastic, though. and my manager (sheesh, it’s like i’m 20 again) seems conscientious and pleasant. and starbucks, even if it is a big corporation, is at least a moral one, who takes care of their employees, takes care of their growers and while i’d rather be working for a little indie coffeeshop somewhere, i need the benefits and in this country that means going with a corporation, unless you get very lucky.

also, i went to bed just after the third quarter last night, but i assume that the game didn’t change pace much, and it seems like green bay kicked some major ass last night in the snow.

i want it to snow here, too.

come on winter!

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