vbscript sucks, lasso rocks

at my new job, at least one of the sites i am now tasked with taking care of uses asp/vbscript.

now, i am not an expert programmer, by any stretch of the imagination. i am self-taught and i went to art school, and because of my ADD, have trouble sensing patterns, so this means my programming skills got to the “competent” level, and then plateaued.

but i do know what i’m doing well enough to recognize pure crap when i see it, and vbscript is pure crap.

holy hell is this scripting language awful.

why, oh, why would you concatenate strings with an ampersand?

why would you not have something to indicate the end of a statement?

why would you use an underscore to make a line break in a statement?

on the other hand, the programming language i learned on, lasso, kicks ass, and i appreciate it all the more now.

because of all my years programming lasso, i also happen to know the wonderful people at lassosoft, who make the thing, and recently bought the thing, and i’m pleased that the language is finally in the hands of the people who care most about it: it’s creators.

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1 thought on “vbscript sucks, lasso rocks

  1. I tend to credit my ADD with my increased ability towards pattern detection and modification. I’ve never heard anyone credit it towards their lack of that.

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