bike ride to work? nope.

of all days to wake up not feeling well (called a “bad meds day”, due to it being one of the side effects of strattera) didn’t it just have to be today? i did not ride my bike to work afterall.

this turned out okay, as right after work we needed to go pick the forester up at the subaru shop, where it was being looked at for an intermittent “check engine light” (second time in the shop this week for it).

they, again, told us that the car was fine, no problem, and turned the light off.

two hours later, of course, it won’t start.


i, however, run into a friend i have not seen in several months, and it was nice to have lunch with him.

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1 thought on “bike ride to work? nope.

  1. That’s too bad man. Before I even had reliable ride of my own, riding my bike to work across town was my singular option. Not that I minded. I love it for all the reasons you posted in your last entry. Since in school, I’ve really had no need for a vehicle, and the last time I filled up my van was in October last year. It’s awesome. I plan to go as long as possible without a vehicle.

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