2 thoughts on “espresso pull

  1. I have decided that I will one day own an espresso machine. I cannot go off coffee and espresso makes me drink just one shot a day, as opposed to one whole cup of regular. So…

    That, and I think I make the best drinks. I’m tired of getting an amazing one here and a crappy one there, yet paying the same for both. And, I don’t want to be that rude bitch who says, “Look, I SAW you let those shots get bad, and I SAW you reuse that milk. Now, make me another, with foam instead of bubbles, and shots that don’t taste like dirt.”

    You’re photo shots of espresso shots are always so pretty. 🙂

  2. yah, i am going to get an espresso machine soon, too.

    i keep putting it off, but the time is coming when i *will* do it.

    i have been lurking at coffeegeek.com and figuring out which one i want. (the $60 mr coffee one seems like a good starter toy) and i can hardly wait (!)

    btw: i *love* pretty coffee shots.

    you should search flickr for “latte art”

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