stromdotcom: Shark with webbed feet

A worker of the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board (LKIM) in Batu Maung, Penang, made this unusual find when she was given the 1.7kg fish by a fisherman at the jetty recently.

Shark With Webbed Feet 1

stromdotcom: Shark with webbed feet

what do we do when the landsharks attack???

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3 thoughts on “stromdotcom: Shark with webbed feet

  1. You weirdo. Why are you posting this even after you KNOW that woman is just holding out the poor shark’s reproductive goods for all the world to see?

    You know… I did read all about shark sex after all. Did you know they use their teeth in foreplay? SCARY!

  2. i posted this before that, but there is some doubt as to whether those are actually claspers or not.

    i choose to believe they are feet.

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