new macbook

well, the old seventeen inch monster of a g4 powerbook has finally been replaced.

in its stead i am using a beautiful, and tiny (!), macbook.

apple’s built-in migration utility makes moving to a new machine about as painless as this process could be: you just plug in your old machine and let them sit there chatting for a couple hours while you do dishes and laundry and all your shit’s on your new machine, desktop image, passwords saved, and netnewswire state all in place, just like you left it on the old machine.

i still had to go and install mysql, php and lasso, but that doesn’t take long, so i was back up and productive within 3 hours, tops.


plus, this new machine has sound where the old one has been broken for over a year.

sooooo nice to actually listen to music while i code.


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