little hint

i love this quote from fake steve jobs, in a post about how apple seems to be offering him a buttload of cash to stop pretending to be steve jobs. i don’t particularly care about that part of it, though i wish someone would offer me so bucks to stop blogging (anyone!? hello? drat.) no, […]

the hardest job in the world

I’m keeping you warm, covered, hopefully as comfortable as possible but you probably don’t know, or care. Your brain stopped working within an hour of your wreck. Your mother, brother, sister all cried, and then left you with me. I just heard, now all we need is an operating suite to harvest your organs. As […]

sweetest boy ever

j2, who was being the sweetest boy in the whole world last night (“chris, can i get you anything else? i just want you to feel at home”) decided that trogdor needed some water, on a tray, and a rose to sit nearby. j1 and i just about cried it was so sweet.

back from florida

we’re back from tampa. way too short of a weekend, but it was nice nonetheless. we went to universal studios, we swam in j1’s mom’s pool, we saw j2 learn to swim right before our eyes. it was fun. tomorrow at 4:30 we are getting married, finally, for real, apparently: the attorney who is going […]