Neva Barb camping abt 1953

Mother says: Since the 2nd anniversary of Mother’s death is this Sunday, I thought I would send some photos to you all as we remember who she was. In this photo I think you really get the sense of how simple our lives were then…notice the "huge" cooler, the empty milk bottle on the table, […]

fathers day 2005

my father taught me to listen to look people right in their eyes to try your hardest to know what they’re saying in spite of their words or their lies my father taught me to work that a full day grants a good rest to mean to do well when doing one’s job to concentrate […]


sometimes (and not always) it is better to just get away to intentionally put foot to path or key to hole or car to highway and sometimes (but not always) it is the wisest course of action to quietly slip away with only a kind word of reassurance that all will be well in the […]