nehamiah (more)

notes from sunday morning three challenges 1: they faced ridicule vv 1—3 sanballat was angry “ridicule is the enemy’s oldest weapon” – what are those feeble jews doing? – will they restore their wall? when someone is criticising you — just do what god has told you to do jim just said this — […]

feeling strange today

i don’t know whether it’s the changing job, or what, but i’m feeling uneasy today i have quite a bit to do at sonar still — and i’m worried that i won’t be able to get it done. i suppose i should just “hurry” on it — do only what is required and no more […]

i put my two weeks notice in yesterday

it’s strange — after so many (many!) months of considering leaving sonar to finally do it. and — oddly — the thing that stressed me out most of all about it was telling vince about it. (that went very well, btw, and i feel much better) so — god: please help me to do well […]


alright alright alright already alright i get the point already you needn’t rub it in again you needn’t make a show okay okay okay i get it i understand i comprehend it i didn’t till just now but now i know just what is wrong i know i know i know i broke it i […]