thanks, you know who you are

you who have called to make sure i’m okay through all of this: thank you. i really appreciate getting the phone calls that just say sorry and ask how i’m doing. it makes me feel loved. when people treat each other with grace and encouragement, it is god showing himself faithful. good job guys — […]

starbucks at camby moved my cheese

Listening to: Funky Monks from the album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by Red Hot Chili Peppers so, everyone who’s anyone at the starbucks in camby, indiana knows that i have my own flipping chair here. it is the one i always sit in, without exception. i have come in, seen people in my chair and […]

neva wilson died today

my grandmother, my mother’s mother, neva wilson, passed away today at about 10:30 AM central time, approximately 1 hour ago. she had not been in good health for years, and the last three weeks have been very rough for her, with surgeries, infections, in and out of consciousness and finally succumbing to sleep, like the […]


Listening to: Aish Tamid from the album “Shake off the Dust…Arise” by Matisyahu ADD and depression often go together. then there is this thing called general anxiety disorder. i have ambivalent feelings about that particular phrase, let alone the condition it represents. perhaps i feel about it the way lots of people who piss me […]

people hitting on people

i love it when i’m at starbucks, like now, and i see a dood hitting on a chick. it’s even more fun the the guy has no chance, and she’s making that very clear, and he’s clueless. this chick looks positively bored, if not a little grossed out, and he’s all, “how often do you […]

redesign and re-focus

i spent a few minutes re-designing the site tonight. i have a a few reasons for this: i am going to be a bit more open about my ADD and depression, and so i needed to redesign the masthead anyway. i thought i may as well re-do the colour scheme while i’m at it. i […]

blog traffic stats

i just realized that i am getting an average of over 500 unique visitors a day to this blog. where in the world are all you people coming from? and how come no one ever leaves comments? and, i have to wonder, why are you here? is it just to see mah mug? Exaltation from […]


Track 09 by tool so, i had always made fun of tool, and tool fans. but my pal tricky gave me this track, known only to me as “track 09”, off of who-knows-what-album, but the song has really grown on me over the past few months. she calls it “very layery”, and that part is […]

if that was your big plan

you strapped the dog into a chair, she tried to lick your facethen you counted backwards and you launched her into spaceyou made no provisions for bringing her back homehigh and all aloneyou can look into the sky you might see a falling starif I get one wish I hope that Laika will go farI […]

also sprach zarathustra

i did not sleep well — so much on my mind. i just got out of the shower, having started my running though. 🙂 i ran 1/3 mile. i plan to do that for a week, then bump it by another 1/3 until i’m running about 13 miles once a week and 6 the others. […]