riding the bus to death

so last week i took a bus to florida and back. it was almost thirty hours long, one way. i have spoken a bit about it, but now that i’ve had some time to reflect, i’d like to share more. riding the bus is kind of fun and exciting. there’s lots of opportunities for people-watching, […]

the abbey coffeehouse, indianapolis

i’m sitting at the abbey coffeehouse, just off of pennsylvania avenue in downtown indianapolis. it’s nice here: there’s a girl playing a guitar and signing like lisa loeb, there’s espresso machine sounds in the background, and there are people sitting around studying or surfing or chatting. i have started reading a new book that i […]

bourne things

when i was a kid, my parents, my mom mostly, but my dad too, read the bourne identitty, and the following books. i have always been a reader, and i tried to read these books at my mom’s request, as she knew i would like them, but i tried, one time, and i didn’t get […]

some thoughts on ADD

sometimes things occur to me. deep thoughts. meaningful thoughts. things that mean something in the grand scheme of thing of things. and then they slip away, and i try to blog about them, and i have no idea what it was i was going to say… it is frustrating. Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, forget, forgetting, […]

lasso summit 2006 follow-up

wow. this has been one busy weekend! i don’t think i have gotten less sleep, drank more beer, or spent more time with people i love hanging out with in three days before than this weekend. it was so amazing, strange, yet good to meet a lot of these people in person. some of the […]

at lasso summit 2006

so… after a thirty hour bus ride, i am in fort lauderdale, florida for lasso summit 2006. the bus ride was more or less awful, but not, actually, as bad as i had feared. i started to get a bit stir-crazy by the end of it. really. ready. to. get. off. the. bus. for a […]

my best friend drives a plane

i got an email from my very good friend will this morning, with a link to a page at the air force website where there’s a picture of him flying his B-52 over afghanistan, taken by the refueling plane, in flight. SOUTHWEST ASIA (AFPN) — A B-52 Stratofortress, flown by Capt. Will Byers and Maj. […]

dog and pony show

it’s not about singing heart-lifting songsit’s not about providing christian familyit’s not about tithing or about finding purposeit’s not about being content and happy it’s not about mothers it’s not about dadsit’s not about children, or siblings, or veteransit’s not about grandparents or the next generationit’s certainly not about fancy new buildings it’s not about […]


Vic Divecha’s Official Tech Blog: The World of Smartboards, Sympodiums is about to change The technology is multi-touch screens, developed at NYU (as per post on the Cult of Mac blog). And the interesting part is that Apple has patented these interactions, which means… a TabletMac? Technorati Tags: apple, interaction, mac, macitosh, screen, smartboards, tablet, […]