sometimes i really hate my meds’ side effects. Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, blech, lilly, medication, medicine, meds, sick, sideeffects, strattera, yucky

on karma and grace and atonement

what is an agnostic atheist to do? forgive me if this meanders a tad — i am not writing an essay here, i am just blogging some thoughts. many people i know believe in the concept of “karma” (whether they know it or not) which is, at it’s most absurdly simple: you get what’s coming […]

music: a chat transcript

Chris Corwin: i’m really liking this new TMBG albumChris Corwin: it’s so differentJason Huck: i meant to tell you chrisJason Huck: that new Ted Leo has really been growing on meJason Huck: i think it may be his best album yetChris Corwin: it has its momentsChris Corwin: j1 digs it a lotJason Huck: that is […]

towel day 2007 is friday, may 25

You sass that hoopy Douglas Adams? Now there’s a frood who knew where his towel was. You are invited to join your fellow hitch hikers in mourning the loss of the late great one. Join in on towel day to show your appreciation for the humor and insight that Douglas Adams brought to all our […]

Evolutionary computer improves its hardware with genetic algorithms

Evolutionary computer improves its hardware with genetic algorithms: Cory Doctorow: Techies at the University of Oslo have built an evolutionary computer that changes its design using genetic algorithms to improve performance: What their hardware does is par up “genes” in the hardware to find the hardware design that is the most effective to accomplish the […]

j2 says

during homework time tonight, j2 blurted out: “mom i’m really calm right now; i need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” Technorati Tags: child, children, homework, j2, kid, kids

"oh thank god"

“oh thank god” is what i said, out loud, when a co-worker announced that the “reverend” jerry falwell had died. the internets are full of stories about what a horrible person he was, so no need to go into that here. just a quick note to say that if god does exist, i’m sure she’s […]

bike ride to work? nope.

of all days to wake up not feeling well (called a “bad meds day”, due to it being one of the side effects of strattera) didn’t it just have to be today? i did not ride my bike to work afterall. this turned out okay, as right after work we needed to go pick the […]

bike to work day

tomorrow is bike to work day, and i am excited. when i started riding a bike to work i never imagined how much i would get into it. there are some days when j1 has a softball game or something else comes up that requires me being picked up right at 5 pm at work, […]

another dog attack near my house

this took place one block away from my house. Police shoot, kill pit bull after it attacked a manMay 9, 2007 Police officers shot and killed a pit bull that was attacking a man Tuesday on the city’s Eastside. Jesse Stanley, 61, Mooresville, was treated at Wishard Memorial Hospital for bites on his leg. According […]