attention john crane: turns out your grandpa was right O_O

i have a group of friends that i, like everyone else who knows them, refer to as “The Crane Boys.”

one of these guys is john, and he runs a blog called The Daily Detour, which focuses on american culture, and has a decidedly conservative evangelical stance.

i’m rather fond of john and all three of his brothers.

the three older brothers are each known for being, uh, “talkers” — and are each rather good storytellers in their own way.

and one of my favourite stories of theirs is about their grandpa, who believed that pre-deluge humans lived for several hundred years, because of seawater.

now i’m sure i am getting some of the details wrong, but when i read the following paragraph (and it’s amazing headline) i couldn’t help but laugh:

For parents worried about how to treat children’s colds now that some medicines have been called into question, the answer may be a dose of salt water.

A nasal spray made from Atlantic Ocean seawater eased wintertime cold symptoms faster and slowed cough and cold symptoms from returning among children ages 6 to 10, researchers in Europe reported on Monday.

Seawater spray cures kids colds

1 thought on “attention john crane: turns out your grandpa was right O_O

  1. Hey Chris,

    I just stumbled on this post, otherwise I would have posted a comment sooner.

    It’s hilarious that you still remember some of the “infamous” Crane stories, including the one that my Grandfather used to share about the positive effects of seawater. I actually googled “George W. Crane” a few months ago and found sites from a variety of places here and overseas that referenced his theory. We used to laugh about it, but it seems he may have been on to something. 🙂

    Take care!

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