White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code – NYTimes.com

When Mr. Bush moved in, he exercised his presidential decorating prerogatives and asked his wife, Laura, to supervise the design of a new rug. Mr. Bush loved to regale visitors with the story of the rug, whose sunburst design, he liked to say, was intended to evoke a feeling of optimism. The rug is still […]

Passengers tell the inside story of plane that crashed into New York’s Hudson river | World news | The Observer

Some passengers screamed, others tucked their heads between their knees, and several prayed over and over: “Lord, forgive me for my sins.” But a man named Josh who was sitting in the exit row did exactly what everyone is supposed to do but few ever do: he pulled out the safety card and read the […]

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The Daily Detour: Who’s the Good Samaritan? Indy Insights: Fogo Not To Be Fo-gotten GSI Outdoor Ultralight Dualist Cook System from Backcountry.com Versions – Mac Subversion Client Amazon.com: Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (White): Electronics dog with boobs on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Cabinet on Flickr – Photo Sharing! RepRap universal constructor achieves […]

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The Care and Feeding of a Non-ADD Spouse | ADHD & Marriage More Product Information Salomon Speedcross 2 Trail-Running Shoes – Men’s from REI.com Anti Monkey Butt Powder Favrd. Trickle-down egonomics for the twitter attention sp… Probing the Hive Mind – An Interview With Dan Benjamin McCain’s America | The American Prospect Amazon Kindle Review […]

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DecalPaper.com – Decals – Waterslide decal paper or inkjet,laser printers Alps & copiers Neatorama » Blog Archive » The Sickest Photo You’ll See Today … Indianapolis Blogging Conference – BlogMOB and BlogIN 2008 | I Choose Indy! BlogMob F2F Monday April 14th Monument Circle 12 Noon to 1 pm – Smaller Indiana Webkit introduce more […]

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Flickr: Photos from stripper_polaroids Experiencing ADDvantages: 3 Easy Steps for Time Management through Daily Planning Grids are Good for the Soul Marriage and ADHD and What Works Best | ADHD & Marriage Afarensis: Chimps, Dirt, and Malaria Optische Täuschung bei iSNiCHWAHR.de YouTube – Star Wars according to a 3 year old. Cartoon Brew: Leading the […]

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Waxy.org: My First Week Evolution News & Views: Leslie Orgel: Metabolic Origin of Life “Unlikely”; Complexity Requires “A Skilled Synthetic Chemist” (Part 1) (Updated) Information Arbitrage: “How to Lie With Statistics” a/k/a Ben Stein’s Modus Operandi Can Their Wish Be the Market’s Command? – New York Times TheStar.com | sciencetech | Turning physics on its […]

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The Science of Online Dating and Compatibility Testing – New York Times TierneyLab – Science – New York Times Blog STLtoday – Business – Story bebaroque> Home > Products > Tattoo me OBAMA – Obey Giant (Monoscope) (No title) Merging and branching in Subversion 1.5 – Java World Cryptomundo.com » Thundergoose Cool Tool: Scooba Floor […]