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White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code –

When Mr. Bush moved in, he exercised his presidential decorating prerogatives and asked his wife, Laura, to supervise the design of a new rug. Mr. Bush loved to regale visitors with the story of the rug, whose sunburst design, he liked to say, was intended to evoke a feeling of optimism.

The rug is still there, as are the presidential portraits Mr. Bush selected — one of Washington, one of Lincoln — and a collection of decorative green and white plates. During a meeting last week with retired military officials, before he signed an executive order shutting down the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Mr. Obama surveyed his new environs with a critical eye.

“He looked around,” said one of his guests, retired Rear Adm. John D. Hutson, “and said, ‘I’ve got to do something about these plates. I’m not really a plates kind of guy.’ ”

White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code –

Passengers tell the inside story of plane that crashed into New York’s Hudson river | World news | The Observer

Some passengers screamed, others tucked their heads between their knees, and several prayed over and over: “Lord, forgive me for my sins.” But a man named Josh who was sitting in the exit row did exactly what everyone is supposed to do but few ever do: he pulled out the safety card and read the instructions on how to open the exit door.

Passengers tell the inside story of plane that crashed into New York’s Hudson river

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Headline stirs complaints, but real problems don’t |

today, i see in the local paper that my wife has been sending letters to the editor:

wonder how many people crying about the “racist headline” on Jan. 18 (“I ain’t kill them kids”) assumed the speaker was black without reading beyond the bold print? Many assume that uneducated blacks are responsible for heinous crimes such as the Hovey Street murders. However, when you enslave a race, pretend to free them and underfund urban school systems that educate them, what results do you expect? Disproportionate numbers of blacks are in the criminal justice system because we are not educating our inner-city youth to their fullest potential, and we cry racism over poorly written headlines instead of poorly written legislation.

Headline stirs complaints, but real problems don’t |

attention john crane: turns out your grandpa was right O_O

i have a group of friends that i, like everyone else who knows them, refer to as “The Crane Boys.”

one of these guys is john, and he runs a blog called The Daily Detour, which focuses on american culture, and has a decidedly conservative evangelical stance.

i’m rather fond of john and all three of his brothers.

the three older brothers are each known for being, uh, “talkers” — and are each rather good storytellers in their own way.

and one of my favourite stories of theirs is about their grandpa, who believed that pre-deluge humans lived for several hundred years, because of seawater.

now i’m sure i am getting some of the details wrong, but when i read the following paragraph (and it’s amazing headline) i couldn’t help but laugh:

For parents worried about how to treat children’s colds now that some medicines have been called into question, the answer may be a dose of salt water.

A nasal spray made from Atlantic Ocean seawater eased wintertime cold symptoms faster and slowed cough and cold symptoms from returning among children ages 6 to 10, researchers in Europe reported on Monday.

Seawater spray cures kids colds

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