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omnivore wins the comments

the internet will make available long-obsolete media, produced incidentally, and not for its long-term value, for others to draw ironic conclusions about, allowing the blindness, limitations and stupidity of all previous generations to be demonstrated, while offering opportunities for self-regarding individuals in the present to create self-congratulatory comparisons with their own incisive, far seeing 20-20 hindsight.


unfortunately for the self-regarding individuals (aka ‘bloggers’), the above will continue to be true.

Future of News video from 1981: epitome of dumb futurism – Boing Boing

new site, new feed

if you have been reading my blog though an RSS feed, such as in NetNewsWire or Google Reader, now is the time to re-subscribe.

i recently migraged to a new blogging engine, wordpress, and so i have a new feed.

i’m still using feedburner, but i’ve set up a new flickerbulb feed.

if you’re NOT already subscribed, now is a good time to do so.


well, after trying LOTS of different blog engines over the past few months, i finally settled on wordpress, and got ALL 932 of my blogger posts migrated to it.



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