fairness is in our genes

there has been a lot said about the article i am going to quote later in this post, but none of it that i’ve seen calls out the glaringly obvious point that i’m seeing in this: Consider one more experimental example to prove the point: the ultimatum game. You are given $100 to split between […]

altruism and evolution

First, a bit of background, from John Crane’s post entitled “Who Really Believes in the Virgin Birth” Who really believes in the virgin birth? A recent survey by the Barna Research Group, asked adults what they believed about the virgin birth of Jesus—Was this story literally true or not? Across all demographic spectrums most adults […]

5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Must Be Stopped – Page 4 | Cracked.com

comic books reveal how we as humans tend to really feel about god: The origin of the comic god goes like this: The arrogant Thor needs a lesson in humility, so his father Odin, the ruler of all gods, sends him to Earth in the form of a crippled mortal to teach him to be […]

boiling it down: what i believe about the universe, and the person who made it (right now)

i’ve spent three years on a mission to decide about god. i’m not done yet, but i’m a lot closer than i was when i started. after thirty-two years on this rock, three of which i have been seriously, open-mindedly, truthfully searching for Truth (if there is such a thing) here’s what i have come […]