new chapter starts

today was my last day working for imagenation, where i have been a web developer for just over a year. i truly enjoyed working for mark williams, the principal there, who is kind, honest with his clients and his employees and whom i never saw get angry over the “small stuff”. he was a joy […]

Links for 4/14/08 [my NetNewsWire tabs] – Decals – Waterslide decal paper or inkjet,laser printers Alps & copiers Neatorama » Blog Archive » The Sickest Photo You’ll See Today … Indianapolis Blogging Conference – BlogMOB and BlogIN 2008 | I Choose Indy! BlogMob F2F Monday April 14th Monument Circle 12 Noon to 1 pm – Smaller Indiana Webkit introduce more […]

Obama Hope print by Shepard Fairey

Obama Hope print by Shepard Fairey Originally uploaded by PEEL saw this at the alias gallery on friday night — at $200 it was hard NOT to buy it. but, has one similar for $70 — and the money goes to his campaign, so that one we’ll buy.