“Atheist’s Nightmare: the Banana”

Behold the Atheist’s Nightmare: the Banana the best part about this is, as kyle points out, that the banana is doomed: The banana is about to disappear from store shelves around the globe. Experts say the world’s favourite fruit will pass into oblivion within a decade. No more fresh bananas. No more banana bread. No […]

Links for 4/14/08 [my NetNewsWire tabs]

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Telstar Logistics: A New Monument for Laika, Russia’s Heroic Space Dog

long-time readers here know of my love for the dog laika some recent news about her: Fortunately, Laika’s legend has lived on.  There is, of course, a semi-famous surf rock band from Finland called Laika and the Cosmonauts, whom we love dearly. Laika also makes a cameo on the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, […]