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Sharing some of my ringtones.

A recent Facebook conversation led me to upload some of my favorite ringtones, including an excerpt from this awesome Sesame Street video:

Sesame Street Aliens

Monty Python & The Holy Grail


I’m sad that the video about our solar system being a vortex is wrong.

You’ve probably seen this video which shows our solar system traveling along sideways through the galaxy, around with the planets trailing along in a corkscrew fashion.

It’s beautiful and amazing… and wrong.

This article by Phil Plait explains just why it’s wrong.

Vortex motion: Viral video showing Sun’s motion through galaxy is wrong.

the luck is right

A Very Lucky Day – Watch more free videos

YouTube – Go Shorty

YouTube – Go Shorty

you get what you deserve

humans can fly

this is the single coolest thing i have ever seen:

amazing ad from a bank you’ll never use

glumbert – Amazing ad from a bank you’ll never use


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