Shinyness to Usefulness to Awesomeness

i just remembered my “shinyness to usefulness to awesomeness” chart, and i thought i’d re-post it. i like it, still: view full size at flickr


so i’m on line at the gas station, waiting to pre pay, and this 6 foot 7 black dood in a brown velvet track suit comes in, talking loudly on his cell phone LISTEN MAN, I TOLD YOU — YOU CAN DO DAT SHIT, BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT I BE FUCKING ALL MY GIRL’S […]

iTunes Stuff

picked up at purple fiction Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be. Total Song: 9,252 How many hours or days of music: 31.7 days Most recently played: “Agony of Laffitte” — Spoon, A Series of Snakes Most played: “Global Hypnosis” — Kelly Howell, Insomnia […]