getting the house ready to sell

so, i’ve decided to put the house up for sale. and BOY was it not ready. there are bright colours everywhere, which is fun to live in, for me, but everyone tells me make it prettymuch unsellable, so lots of it needs painted: mom and dad have helped out SOOO much the past couple days, […]

on the trinity

graphs such as this help explaining the doctrine of the trinity as it has come to be understood, but i insist that it must necessarily fall short of describing the reality of the situation. furthermore, i do not believe that human language nor logic can describe it. even further, i do not believe humans can […]


Dear Frank,Ten days ago, when you shared my message on the PostSecret Blog that the HopeLine needed urgent help, the most amazing thing happened – over 600 people responded with donations totaling over $30,000!At our darkest hour, days from filing for bankruptcy, all of you saved us. We appreciate all your support; every dollar, every […]

killing people in dreams

i had strange dreams last night, where i was part of a group of people who had been chosen to witness the executions of three people — two drug users and one murderer. most everyone in this group of three-hundred people were all but uncaring that three of us were going to die soon. they […]

exciting news from one of my favorite blogs?

earlier to day, john gruber said: As for the second common complaint regarding the membership system,that one tended to go something like this: You’re a good writer andDaring Fireball is one of my favorite web sites, and so I might bewilling to support your efforts by doing your membership thing, but,and I hate to say […]

mood update

it’s been awhile since i posted anything about my mood. you might assume that’s good news. it is. it’s been almost a month since i had any serious depressive feelings. my schedule’s been all over the map, and i’ve been staying up very late sometimes, and i’ve had some very hard things to deal with […]

easter 2006

in order of appearance: mandi, jason, dad, erin, mom, josh, me. we’re sitting in front of erin and josh’s house on central in broadripple, a neat little village in indianapolis, indiana. Technorati Tags: 2006, broadripple, brother, brother in law, dad, easter, family, familyphoto, familyportrait, father, indiana, indianapolis, josh, mandi, mom, mother, photo, sister

really bad band: Hello Goodbye

my friend amanda sent me a song by “Hello Goodbye” or something. i had not heard of these guys, and so she explained them to me as being “just like reliant k, but with a totally different sound”. so obviously i’m expecting pure crap. only, it was worse than i imagined. wow this was some […]

viva la stewart

a few weeks ago, i purchased what has become one of my favorite t-shirts, from so i thought i’d show it off: while i was there, i couldn’t help myself but develop a major crush on one of their models, based wholly on her amazing smile: (she’s kind of a big deal) Technorati Tags: […]


FEW women would claim to have the perfect bottom. But for those in need of reassurance that it is within reach, a scientist has come to the rescue by working out a mathematical formula they believe adds up to the perfect posterior. The magical figures are (S+C) x (B+F)/T = V. Though the equation looks […]

a chat transcript

Jason: ok, so i have a ctag that is making ISE’sJason: i put protect around the whole thingKyle: 8.1?Jason: and return(error_msg) in the handle_error blockJason: yesJason: so now it doesn’t ISEJason: but it doesn’t return anything eitherKyle: is it in a protected block?Jason: define_tag; protect; … /protect; /define_tag;Jason: like thatJason: no atbegin eitherKyle: fail_clear; return(error_msg);Kyle: […]

an answer to the ice penises!

art said… It’s a cool, if less spectacular than pseudophallic, effect. The cube of water freezes, let’s assume more or less equally all around, trapping liquid water inside. This water has to freeze too, or else you’ve pretty much missed the point of ice cubes. But since water expands when it becomes a solid, it […]