Jon Stewart, Lost in D.C., Collects USO Award : NPR

this is funny, listen to it, it is only four minutes long: Day to Day, March 25, 2008 · Jon Stewart: Daily Show host, Oscar host, Emmy winner — and now the winner of a Merit Award from the United Service Organization of Metropolitan Washington. That’s a branch of the USO, the private group that […]

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Wal-Mart Wants Disabled Woman’s Long-Term Care Money Back

i have been boycotting wal*mart for years, and the story quoted from below is just one more reason to keep it up. what a horribly evil company: Debbie Shank suffered severe brain damage after a traffic accident 8 years ago that robbed her of much of her memory. She cries every time she’s told that […]

Rolling Stone: Lies, Damn Lies, and Mispeakings

I for one am less troubled by the fact that the senator is a teller of parables and tall tales, than by the fact that she cannot, for the life of her, admit fault. She didn’t misspeak. She was caught in a whopper. Perhaps several. Don’t compound the error with double talk. It’s time to […]

ncaa brackets

These are listed in game order N. Carolina Indiana Notre Dame Washton St Oklahoma Louisville Butler American Kansas Kent St Clemson Vanderbilt USC Wisconsin Davidson Georgetown Memphis Miss. St Michigan St Pittsburgh Marquette Stanford St Marys Texas UCLA BYU Drake Connecticut Purdue Xavier Arizona Belmont N. Carolina Notre Dame Louisville Butler Kansas Clemson Wisconsin Georgetown […]

Strange seven-colored snake found in Nepal

Thousands of people have been thronging Chapaghar area of Tanahu district in western Nepal to see a strange seven-colored snake found in a well there, the National News Agency RSS reported on Saturday.    According to the RSS, the snake was first seen by a local people. Since then thousands of people have seen the snake. A […]

Gorilla at an Illinois Zoo Rescues a 3-Year-Old Boy – New York Times

how do people who don’t believe in evolution deal with the following story? A 3-year-old boy fell into an exhibit occupied by gorillas at the Brookfield Zoo this afternoon, and was rescued by a female gorilla that cradled the child and brought him to zookeepers.The boy injured his head when he fell 18 feet onto […]