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Shinyness to Usefulness to Awesomeness

i just remembered my “shinyness to usefulness to awesomeness” chart, and i thought i’d re-post it.

i like it, still:

Shinyness to Usefulness to Awesomeness
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Palin’s Deceptions: The Nail in the Coffin

This position splintered this controversy into two prongs: one focusing on Bristol Palin, and a second focusing on Sarah Palin. It was always been the goal of the McCain campaign that the focus be on Bristol, in spite of their pious protestations that “children of candidates should be off limits,” because framing this story to be about Bristol as much as possible would keep attention off of where it belonged, on her mother. Not one shred of concrete evidence has ever been released to demonstrate that Sarah Palin is Trig’s biological mother. We have received one incredibly suspect letter from her physician (which among other things did not even get all of the birth years of the four older Palin children correct.) It does not state explicitly where Trig Palin was born (though it helpfully tells us where he could have been born), when he was born (well, actually, it says 2008), or who actually delivered him.

Palin’s Deceptions: The Nail in the Coffin

How Did Sarah Palin Spend $150,000?

Sarah Palin:

Ralph Lauren Klondike jacket $4,598
Ralph Lauren Collection jacket $4,798
Ralph Lauren Collection wool turtleneck $855
Armani Collezioni cashmere jacket $1,925
Armani Collezioni blouse $755
Armani Collezioni skirt $960
Armani Collezioni twill jersey jacket $1,325
Armani Collezioni twill jersey skirt $715
Armani Collezioni jersey jacket $1,635
Armani Collezioni jersey tank jacket $1,065
Giorgio Armani quilted jacket $4,375
Loro Piana chinchilla and cashmere sweater coat $5,395
Loro Piana Dolce Vita cashmere turtleneck $755
Loro Piana velvet pants $675
Loro Piana Promenade storm trench $3,695
Dior Leather trim jacket $2,385
Dior Leather trim skirt $1,375
Valentino origami front dress $3,750
Valentino cashmere jacket $3,990
Valentino jacket that Palin wore at the 2008 Republican National Convention $4,990
Valentino skirt that she wore at the R.N.C. $1,490
Dolce & Gabbana herringbone pants $950
Dolce & Gabbana herringbone vested jacket $3,595
Dolce & Gabbana chambray blouse $395
Nina Ricci piped jacket $3,190
Nina Ricci leaf-print blouse $2,290
Nina Ricci piped skirt $1,290
Chanel suit $11,755
Carine Gilson bra $580
Carine Gilson briefs $275
Carine Gilson chemise $968
Wolford Body shirt $370
Wolford bodysuit $220
Wolford stockings $46
Fogal cashmere stockings $365
Louis Vuitton Alzer 80 suitcase $6,550
Hermès carry-on suitcase $4,400
VBH ostrich weekender bag $6,975
Christian Louboutin simple pumps $575
Christian Louboutin croc pumps $4,300
Manolo Blahnik pumps $595
Valentino Histoire tote bag $1,795
YSL Muse bag $1,295
Chanel large classic flap bag $2,875
Valextra croc handbag $20,000
Valextra croc wallet $2,000
Hermès silk scarf $375
Bulgari sunglasses $430
Kazuo Kawasaki glasses $375
Patek Philippe watch $22,000

TOTAL $152,335

How Did Sarah Palin Spend $150,000?

Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me

The small smear of red on the otherwise blue electoral map looks more like a minor bloodstain on a dirty Band-Aid than anything resembling a national political party. Who voted for McCain/Palin in bigger numbers than they even voted for Bush/Cheney? Only one shrinking group: uneducated white folks in the deep south and a few folks in Appalachia. Take away the white no-college-backwoods-and/or-southern McCain/Palin vote and the Republicans would have been approaching single digit electoral college oblivion.

Sarah Palin will never hold national office nor will any Republican at the presidential level for a long time to come. Why? Because America has uneducated jerks in it but is not a nation of uneducated jerks. The Republicans are done, hoisted on the petard of their own “southern strategy.”


The Religious Right, the racists, the anti-gay hate-mongers are now not only marginalized but thoroughly out of step with even members of their own former constituency. For instance the Gordon College student newspaper (Gordon is an influential Evangelical College north of Boston) endorsed Obama this year. Many young evangelicals voted for the Democrats. James Dobson, Fox News, Limbaugh et al. were utterly powerless to do more than stir up hate. They are losing the next generation of their “base.”

Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me

palin was a disaster for mccain

i seem to recall using the word “disaster” about Palin during her nomination acceptance speech, and the flood of palin bashing started there.

the media was full of “bashing” (or as some of us call it, “criticism”) as soon as she entered the public stage.

i have read many opinions on this, and lots of conservatives seem to think that obama has not faced the same kind or level of criticism.

i’ll admit: he has not.

that’s because he has less about him that’s worthy of criticism, and less that’s so darn *easy* to make fun of.

i mean, first of all: she’s dumb.

we can all see it.

katie couric’s interview of her was painful to watch.

there’s no getting around this: sarah palin is not a super smart woman.

she’s of decidedly average intelligence, and perhaps even below average social awareness.

it was obvious from the beginning and as stories about her “divaness” come out its even more obvious now.

i mean, YIKES, this woman almost became president??

she’s likable, and folksy and fun.

and not fit to govern.


for the record: i also am not fit to govern.

but i wasn’t a major party’s vice presidential nomination.

even if your vote against mr. obama comes down to “life issues” and it’s basically “only” abortion and the gay stuff that you are concerned about, you still have to admit that the man is bright and a good leader.

and even if abortion is ALL you care about, surely you have to know, way in the back of your mind, that sarah palin was a scary prospect.

i agree with john crane that palin may have gained more votes for mccain than she cost him, but i’ll pull one of your tricks and admit that i think anyone who would move their vote to that ticket because of, and not just in spite of, her presence there was simply unwilling to be intellectually honest with themselves.

or unable, perhaps? our worldview clouds our perceptions, and none of us can see Truth, after all.

the under-educated and un-informed (willfully so, in many cases!) sections of our population are whom, by and large, liked sarah palin.

those with educations and the wherewithal to dig into these matters were scared.

also, she may well be the best candidate the GOP could send up in 2012 — and that’s because whomever they send up will be a throwaway, knowing full well that there’s no chance obama won’t win a second term.

its 2016 that matters and it’s mitch daniels who will be running.

you read it here first.

the above was originally posted as a comment by chris corwin at john crane’s “the daily detour”