dealing with “weaker brothers”

first off: i like the ESV. bad NIV translation has spawned the phrase “weaker brother”, which implies that the person must be somehow “under” you, by the -er suffix. the phrase, though, is simply “one who is weak in faith” — regardless of how they’re faith “stacks up” to yours. anyway, on with the scripture: […]

on “course joking”

where’s the line? what defines “course joking” ? is it simply using a (gasp!) curse-word? is it lewdness? is it always only in the ear of the beholder? are there simply some things a christian should never say, under any circumstances? (and if so, can you tell us without sinning???) is what you ought not […]

ought “god” be capitalized?

position: god doesn’t care a whit about about the grammar rules of whichever particular language you write in. respect is shown by expressing a kingdom heart in a way that uplifts, rather than tears down. by truly caring more for your neighbor’s best interests than your own. this does not mean submitting to the prideful, […]