dealing with “weaker brothers”

first off: i like the ESV. bad NIV translation has spawned the phrase “weaker brother”, which implies that the person must be somehow “under” you, by the -er suffix. the phrase, though, is simply “one who is weak in faith” — regardless of how they’re faith “stacks up” to yours. anyway, on with the scripture: […]

on “course joking”

where’s the line? what defines “course joking” ? is it simply using a (gasp!) curse-word? is it lewdness? is it always only in the ear of the beholder? are there simply some things a christian should never say, under any circumstances? (and if so, can you tell us without sinning???) is what you ought not […]

how i left a young earth theory behind

position: the whole bible is the “why” and genesis is a very short answer to man’s age-old question of “where did all of this come from?” when god revealed the HOW (as he probably did to the first people, who took the story and ran with it, until moses got the “written” version), he did […]

ought “god” be capitalized?

position: god doesn’t care a whit about about the grammar rules of whichever particular language you write in. respect is shown by expressing a kingdom heart in a way that uplifts, rather than tears down. by truly caring more for your neighbor’s best interests than your own. this does not mean submitting to the prideful, […]

god has a sense of timing

position: all dimensions, be they measurable, immeasurable or simply theoretical, are part of the created universe — and therefore necessarily dependent upon a creator. this means god cannot dwell “in” them — as he dwelled before they existed. even in dimensions that have no apparent meaning of “time”, there is still the fact that if […]