Links for 9/28/07

where vehicles are left to die « deputydog Bust Out Of Your Romance Rut – Men’s Health XKCD Velociraptors Problem Lemur CATTA XKCD Velociraptors Problem Tattoo Regrets TED | Talks | Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man (video) Seed: The Evolution of Language In the shadow of horror, SS guardians frolic […]

new site, new feed

if you have been reading my blog though an RSS feed, such as in NetNewsWire or Google Reader, now is the time to re-subscribe. i recently migraged to a new blogging engine, wordpress, and so i have a new feed. i’m still using feedburner, but i’ve set up a new flickerbulb feed. if you’re NOT […]

After Reading Some of My Journal Entries, It’s Clear That I Need to Stop Watching Porn.

Cops showed up at my house after nosy neighbors complained about the large piles of citrus-smelling, glued-together squid all over my front lawn. “Where are the female officers? I want to be frisked by female officers!” I yelled as I was hauled away for no reason. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: After Reading Some of My Journal […]

Neva Barb camping abt 1953

Mother says: Since the 2nd anniversary of Mother’s death is this Sunday, I thought I would send some photos to you all as we remember who she was. In this photo I think you really get the sense of how simple our lives were then…notice the "huge" cooler, the empty milk bottle on the table, […]